12 Apr 2018

North Sea season 2018 kicked off!

We kicked off our North Sea season with a spectacular dive on a submarine wreck on March 31. Our team headed out to the North Sea with a new diving charter “Araid Wreckdiving” from IJmuiden harbor for a regular dive on the HMS E36, a WWI submarine resting at 28m of depth.

The dive was mainly planned to test the procedures with the new vessel and some new personal diving equipment. Still surprised by unusual good visibility we immediately found an enormous haul of fishing nets -a combination of several types- attached to the submarine, which we obviously could not ignore. After freeing two Atlantic Cods that had just been trapped in fishing line and hooks recently lost by recreational anglers we removed the complete haul of nets. The removal process was a perfect example of smooth teamwork and precise underwater communication. Check out the video we released after the dive!

Ghost Diving: E36 Survey (North Sea) from Ghost Diving on Vimeo.

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