02 May 2016

Ghost net hunting with Greenpeace

on the German Sylter Aussenriff

From May 2nd – 13th 2016 we executed another North Sea lost fishing gear removal mission, this time in German waters targeting the marine protected area “Sylter Aussenriff“. In only 11 days we removed more then 1,5 tonnes of lost fishing gear by hand from only three different shipwrecks in this ‘protected’ area. The mess we encountered underwater in this marine protected area is unbelievable and we hope very soon real steps are taken towards protecting this vulnerable area.

This was the 3rd successful mission in cooperation with environmental organization Greenpeace and a powerful example of cooperation between environmental organizations. Thank you Greenpeace Deutschland, the fantastic crew of Greenpeace Arctic Sunrise and the volunteer divers of Ghost Fishing for protecting the seas and oceans together with us!

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