15 Feb 2021

Generous donation received from TenneT and HSM Offshore

Recently, our Dutch diving team received a generous donation from TenneT and HSM Offshore B.V. Both organizations are working with contractors on Safety with their Safety Incentive Program. Together with contractor HSM Offshore, they raised an amount that has been allocated to charities to encourage safe working. During the construction period of the Borssele Beta offshore platform, safe performance was assessed and rewarded in a donation budget. The safer the work, the more money is collected.

In January 2021, five organizations received donations, and Ghost Diving was one of them. The check was presented to us on behalf of both organizations by Anton van Rosmalen. We will make sure the donation is fully spent on our work at sea, cleaning up lost or discarded fishing equipment. On behalf of the team and all marine life, we would like to express our deepest gratitude.

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