16 Dec 2020

The Adriatic team performed its tenth cleanup in 2020!

After years of participating in our projects, the divers in Krnica (Croatia), led by Maurizio Grbac, decided in the beginning of 2020 to set up Ghost Diving Adriatic. A chapter name was deliberately chosen without a country name, because the Adriatic Sea is very busy with international divers such as Italians, Slovenians, Dutch and Poles. This turned out to be a great success, in the first year of their existence they have successfully carried out 10 diving projects and have already made the Adriatic Sea a lot cleaner.

Their tenth cleanup dive took place last week and not with the slightest results. Despite the heavy rain and wind, they managed to recover 150 meters of long lines, 250 meters of gill nets and dozens of pieces of waste. It goes without saying, Ghost Diving Adriatic is a big success. We look forward to 2012 again!

These projects are made possible by Healthy Seas.

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