10 Jul 2023

Survey mission at Arrow Point, USA

Team Ghost Diving USA set out aboard the Giant Stride for a survey mission at Arrow Point. The primary objective for the first dive was to collect GPS and depth data for lobster traps that were previously reported to be there by a few team members. The secondary objective was to bring up one lobster trap to gain insight into logistics for future clean up missions.

As the teams descended, they saw one cage trap at 110 feet and upon arrival at 150 feet they found a series a lobster traps daisy chained together. After finding one end of the line, the team cut one pot off, attached a lift bag and sent it to the surface. At this point, the teams split. Jim and Karim split from the group and followed the rope attached to the pots. Between 150 feet and 243 feet there was one very dilapidated cage trap that is currently unable to catch anything. Jim and Karim continued to follow the line and found the end with a lobster trap at 243 feet. The first dive was successful, all objectives were met. The teams completed their decompression obligations, a 90-minute surface interval, and headed off to the Tuna Clipper.

The second objective of the day was to recover 2 lift bags previously left behind on the Tuna Clipper. Team 3, Daniel and Nicole opted for a recreational dive against Catalina Island. Jim and Karim descended first. They set out to locate and recover the lift bags. Upon arrival, Jim and Karim found that there was only 1 lift bag left. They believe that, because the other lift bag was attached to a portion of net that was also attached to chain, the other bag ripped off. After 10 minutes, Kian and Shane met Jim and Karim. The teams set off in search of a section of net that is buried in the sand. The team, disoriented by the stunning visibility, took a slightly different directional heading away from the wreck and did not end up finding the net in the sand. The teams left the wreck. Upon getting back on the boat, the team celebrated a successful day of diving and exquisite conditions with food, naps, and a smooth crossing home.

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