10 Dec 2022

Clean-Up with THW Kiel & Bracenet

On December 10th a mixed team from Healthy Seas, Bracenet and Ghost Diving Germany supported local sport club THW Kiel with a well-organized Beach & Harbor Clean-Up in Kiel.

Healthy Seas and Bracenet did the main organizational part, set up a camp, distributing flyers and information to bystanders and other interested people as well as hot beverages fort, he whole team. THW Kiel is a top-class sports club, which promoted this event heavily on their social media platforms, asking fans and members to contribute to the local beach clean-up. Despite the cold and windy weather, many volunteers followed the calling and collected trash and debris from the sandy beach nearby.

Ghost Diving Germany took part in this initiative with 15 volunteers including 11 divers who spend a total of 17hrs in the freezing cold water of Kiel-Schlicksee Harbor, lifting a huge number of tires from the bottom as well as bottles, plastics of all kind and size, a trolley, and a toilet. As easy it was to lift things from the seabed to the surface with lift bags, it showed that DPVs were the working horses of the day, going back and forth to transport the debris to the entry point. Five DPVs were used and shared as a team resource, we will need to bring more the next time.

By the end of the day Healthy Seas received a generous donation of EUR 5.000 to proceed with the work of education, recycling and cleaning the seas.

The next day, THW Kiel invited everybody to watch a Handball match in their stadium, where at the break Ghost Diving Germany had the opportunity to explain shortly about our mission and received another donation of EUR 1.600 for our work.

Kai Wallash, coordinator Ghost Diving Germany

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