29 Mar 2022

Ghost Diving guest speaker at Diving Safety Conference

On March 25, the third edition of the Dutch conference and network event Wij Duiken Veilig took place, with Ghost Diving as guest speaker. Ghost Diving was already present during the first edition in 2020, and after a virtual edition last year in 2021, of course due to the prevailing pandemic, a physical event was fortunately organized again this year. The event was again well attended.

The Wij Duiken Veilig congress is intended for everyone who is professionally involved in diving, from divers, diving supervisors, fire brigade, police and military divers, policy makers within the professional sector to owners of diving schools, association directors, diving instructors and divemasters in technical and recreational diving and other interested parties. This is the time of year where representatives from across the diving industry meet.

A case study was discussed with three representatives from different industries, the professional diving sector, the recreational diving sector and the conservation voluntary diving sector. It concerned a case in which a sector-specific approach was requested for an assignment to map a North Sea wreck as safely as possible. It was very interesting and the attention for our activities was enormous! Many thanks to all visitors, guest speakers and of course the organization.

Pascal van Erp,  Global Coordinator | Ghost Diving

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