24 Feb 2022

The results of Healthy Seas 2021 are here!

The annual number of Healthy Seas are there! Thanks to the support our volunteers and partners, Healthy Seas made again a great impact in 2021:

  • 188,500 kgs of fishing nets and other marine litter were removed from the sea or prevented from ending up there, starting a circular journey
  • 1250 fishers and fish farms were involved in our activities
  • 1870 children engaged in education programs
  • 250 divers volunteered during 108 cleanup days

This look back at 2021 serves to remind us of the accomplishments, the challenges, the milestones and new friends we made while pursuing our conservation efforts.

Through coincidence or fate, Ithaca is more than the location of the standout project of the past year and of our history. Since Homer’s Odyssey, Ithaca symbolises the destination of a long journey, the ultimate aim that each of us tries to fulfill during our life. For Healthy Seas, it is a symbol for the protection of the Planet.

With 4 main events in 4 different countries, the expansion of our activities to 5 new countries and keeping up with our regular activities with divers, schools and fishers, this was the busiest and hardest working year yet! On behalf of our team, I wish to thank all our partners and volunteers for making our journey possible. We are proud to be on this long road together with you.


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