05 Feb 2022

Back to Burghead, Scotland

There were still over 300 creel pots and many 100s of meters of rope lost in the Moray Firth, a result of Storm Arwen part of 2021–2022 European windstorm season, we were contacted by local fisherman desperate for assistance in December, the lost creels are devastating to local fisherman livelihoods and are also dangerous to local marine life including a pod of dolphins that are famous to tourists in the area.

As a small team of dedicated technical divers, we have managed to work closely with local fisherman to recover well over 50% of the ghost gear. The mission involves travelling long distances, working many hours around the winter weather and local tides, we have made multiple trips and will continue to assist until the job is done.

On our latest trip we managed to lift again many lost lobster creels and hundreds of metres of rope. Its challenging but hugely rewarding as we work side by side with the fisherman trying desperately to recover their fishing gear.

Duncan Simpson, Coordinator | Ghost Diving UK

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