01 Jun 2021

Ghost Diving Poland opens exhibition in Gdynia

In cooperation with the volunteers from Ghost Diving Poland and Healthy Seas the long-term exhibit "Ghost Nets" at the Gdynia Aquarium opened this weekend. The kick-off event was a great success with children being engaged in little rescue and release missions.

On Saturday and Sunday 3 workshops a day were offered for around 20 people per workshops including the kids! Those started with 25-30min presentations explaining the problem and solution with examples of cleanups and products provided by our partners.

Then small workshops took place - showing and explaining the ghost diving equipment configuration and playing with kids (inflating liftbags, rescuing fish-toys from nets, etc.)

If you are in the area of Gdynia - visit the exhibition! You will be able to visit and learn more about our work and the dangers of ghost nets until the end of December 2021!

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